10 Reasons I call my chair the “Happy Chair”

10 Reasons I call my chair the “Happy” Chair

  1. You get your favorite hot or cold beverage served right to you.

  2. While here, it’s all about YOU!

  3. I will listen to and execute your wants and needs.

  4. Listen to YOUR choice of music when being styled.

  5. I love to make fitting and stylish cut and color suggestions!

  6. Your end result is a SIZZLING hair cut!

  7. Grey hair disappears…some call me a miracle worker.

  8. “Stupid” days stop here.

  9. No distractions like other guests, noisy conversations, or kids (unless they’re yours!) – find your inner happy place.

  10. MY happy just oozes through the chair! It’s contagious!

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