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Updated: Dec 4, 2021

This has been such a fun filled summer in the salon. At the beginning of spring, I reevaluated my children’s offerings. I wanted to make sure that my prices were competitive in order to keep Scissor Happy Hair Studio a family friendly salon. I was surprised by what I learned with the area research! Unless you want to take your little people to chain salons, there were very few in the area that even booked appointments for them. Some allowed only specific times of the day and no weekends unless you wanted to pay full adult prices. Others only allowed booking with certain stylists and almost all were significantly more expensive.

I love being family friendly. I love having trivia games, candy and drinks, and fun things for the kids while giving them a knock out haircut!

I love having feathers (they are coming back, y’all!), tinsel, and hair extensions in fantasy colors to keep their looks fun and current. I love the challenges they bring me by throwing ideas at me that the adults just cannot do anymore. Nothing is more fun than a girl who wants 8″ off and a big blue streak! YAHOO!

I have no problems donating their snips to charities and try to stay on top of the best ones. Currently, I have been sending all donations to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. Their ability to donate more widespread and without cost to the recipient speaks volumes to their charity. Click here to learn more

My joy comes in helping you ALL feel and look your best – no matter the age! And back to school is such an important time! Kids need to feel confident about their appearance and comfortable in their skin. I am blessed to help your kids make the transition from summer to school and to be even a small part of your family.

Want to explore the newest trends? Stay on top (ha! I’m on a roll!) of the latest tresses?

Book your appointment today and let’s have some fun!

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